Feral and the Ghost Skater #1!

28 full Color pages.

Written, drawn, painted, edited, lettered, printed, collated, stapled and cut by Dave Davenport

Includes 3 stories.
Stray Bullet: part one of the ongoing saga of the trinity of Doug, Mitch, and Feral.
Tattooed hottie Doug teaches his dead lover Mitch (a.k.a. the Ghost Skater) something about dating in the modern world and learns something about himself while on a date with his new live fella Jason.

Code Blue: Gunnar and Zane are celebrating an anniversary when suddenly their lives and after-lives are changed radically forever. Part one of a new story line.

the Real Me: a short primer on the Feral storyline as related by Feral's human alter-ego Grant to his horny therapist.

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