Feral and the Ghost Skater: Stay Bullet

by Dave Davenport

Winner of the Prism Comics Queer Press Grant 2015

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Read new pages of Stray Bullet on My Patreon Page

Currently I am finishing a chapter that shows where Feral has been (since he was conspicuously absent from the story so far). I have been posting it as I produce it over on my PATREON page. You can read it, and most else I have up there for free... or you can be a good droogie and become a paying patron. There are some stories up that are for paying patrons only, but the main story is there for free. Check it out!


I am very proud to be the recipient of the 2015 Queer Press Grant.
This was the forth time I applied and the third time with this particular story.

I don't think I would have won if I hadn't taken the story writing process more seriously than I have in the past. All of my comic writing to this point had been done in the form of sketching in the panels, and I've found that has worked well enough for shorter pieces, but Stray Bullet is the longest narrative I've written to date. This third time applying for the grant and the process of "selling" my story to the judges (after some experience with writing since the last time I had applied) allowed me to see this story as a whole for the first time, rather than the chunk in front of me at the moment.

Now I knew I needed to withdraw the pages I've published so far in favor of writing the story as a whole before committing any to more art. What's been seen will still be in there, but not necessarily 100% as it is now... and not entirely canon.

If you have any of the self-published copies of Feral and the Ghost Skater #1 or #2, consider them collectors items.
There are no more copies of #1 or #2 up for sale, they will return in the future in a tweaked form and more solid story.

So far I've written enough for five issues of 30 pages a piece, and it isn't finished yet! It's getting more personal all the time, and I'm very pleased with what I am doing with this book.

Where is it going?

All I can say is that the end will leave every character changed radically.

If you are new to the world of Feral and the Ghost Skater Hard to Swallow comics #3 and Hard to Swallow comics #4 are still available, and feature early black and white stories of these characters (along with other short stories by myself and Justin Hall). Bent Comix Sampler also has a 4 page full color "primer" on the characters, which gives a good introduction to many who will appear in Stray Bullet.

Arigatou Gozaimasu to Prism Comics, the Queer Press Grant, and all of it's supporters for this great honor. Thanks for pushing me to create greater and thanks for the recognition!

* According to the creator's inventory list on Prism Comics' website shop, they have a stash of Feral and the Ghost Skater #1. Also, Isotope Comics in San Francisco has a handful, last time I checked. Ask to see my toilet seat painting while you are there!